Hør min historie

lad os vinkle den til jeres udfordringer

Whether you are a company, educational institution or association, value creation, dynamism, inspiration and mutual motivation are words and actions that are hard to avoid or do without.

Hear my story and let us angle it to your challenges and what you are curious about in everyday life. If you can go from rocker to academic, why can’t you successfully put two departments together? If you can jump from sub culture to the family Denmark, why can’t you look at your own corporate culture and find out the curiosity on how it can become more recognizable and “delicious” in everyday life?

En Procent er er nok til at blive mindre af én ting, og mere af noget andet

Prisen for en times foredrag med 30-45 min. Efterfølgende spørgetid er kr. 10.000 plus kørsel (4 kr. per kilometer).